merry christmas

During This Pagan festival period, masked as a thanksgiving season I would like all of you to be very alert.  It does not matter to me who you are, where you live or where you are from. I would like you to go–down on your knees right now–no matter your persuasion.  I do all of this in the loving spirit that our. God Almighty, has imbedded in me. I have never set a foot in church for over three years.The man that I grew up with died last year and could not even attend his night vigil.  I have come–to the conclusion that the devil is mightier than the sword. He cuts through many of our souls when, we least expect it. if i am lying, just look around you and see the damage that beelzebub has managed to heap upon us.

I have seen people confusing theatrical pop-culture (cursing and making love publicly). However, it is the appropriate time to worship  Christmas was built on top of a pagan festival–just as Solomon’s temple was built on top of al Aqsa. I do not want to favour any particular religion in the place of the other.

I just want to see us free from the shackles of sin. failing to do so would be suicidal. what is prophesied would come to pass.

People have become lovers of self. The rich throw parties amounting to millions of rands but,do not show any remorse to the poor. Throw their leftovers inside rubbish bins and look down, on the poor. There are no longer florence martingale’s persuasers. women show cleavage and thong any time of the day without care. Money spent on all those expensive lingeries would be of better use if spent on social upliftment programmes. They lie around an let perverts eat sushis on their bellies or whatever that is. How has money become so important to men–to a point were they are ready to; maim, lie, and kill a soul? neglecting the pooris the ultimate sin. No one wants to be friends with the poor. even the poor do not befriend the poor but, the rich have many friends.

My message is loud and clear, people should take care of the poor not when they feel like. It is a war of poverty and health that we should triumph over the devil.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful, prosperous — new year.