synchronised swimming

There Is Something that irks me more than any other things in life: bad neighbours. I drove past a burning building on market street in my hometown and thought to myself — there we go again. My thoughts were referring to scenes on my medulla. I have had a bad experience with people living next to me for years. I wonder when will that end. One month when a relative was living with my parents and I, one fool claimed to him that I brought the unfortunate situation I find myself in, to myself. tears nearly dropped when he said those lies. He had forgotten how close the walls are, how birds whisper. He said to him: ‘ twenty four years, living next door to alice but he done did a damn thang.’ I mean really? Who In their right mind could fall for a mama’s baby like the girl in question? Thanks but no thanks. Not me. She is ugly and lazy. she would have been a burden had I dared approach her. some people are a waste of our precious airspace. I used to play with her. We were very young though. she grew up and started mimicking mc Lyte and Missy Elliot. His demised brother started the whole unfor tunate crap by lying about me. in my hood as I speak am known as an uneducated, unlearned fool. I do not care. They thought I would publish a gangster book in 2008. till this day — I have not. Why should a GOD fearing being concern himself on how, what, where, why and when of the gangster folks? I like fish. It does not matter how much it is cooked. My enemies are little fishes i catch and throw back into the dam. I learned that there are Batswanas who praise their mini-me clan by calling themselves after a fish. I would like to give them a reality check. they have been on my case since the owner of the opposite yard died about seven years or so ago. he was a very good man. we used to play in his yard. he christened a hardened criminal wannabe;ta-ta-ta-ta-ta!. that brat does not like the name a bit. I play gangster music every off day evenings to give fishes swimming lessons. They insult me every weekend because are all off duty. I give them  synchronised swimming lessons through my hi-fi — freely.