on the edge of the main road

i used to sit next to a shack and watch kids playing on the streets, hear young women scream at night (as would be lovers twisted their arms forcing them to submit to their love proposals) because unlearned folks thought when women complained were admitting to whatever agenda they were putting forward. one afternoon after my friend and i have crossed the forbidden main road, a speeding Chevrolet hit the elecricity pole sending the entire house blocks into a surge of darkness. the thing is, we had been warned countlessly not to dare cross the street as it was busy. we had to because we valued our friendship very much. we were with each other every day not forgetting in class. Yep! we were classmates too. when the accident happened, his aunt had just got off the bus–from work. she and other people rushed to the accident scene which had already been swarmed by tons and tons of groups of bystanders and curious onlookers. i knew we were in trouble as elders would give us a tongue lashing. it happened! after the ambulance, the police, the crowds of people cleared the scene, his aunt came seething our direction, which was her front house’s lawn. we eloped into the house to watch cartoons. thinking she did not see us. How wrong we later found out we were! she lashed at her new and promised to pay my parents a visit. i became more numb than i was when the flying vehicle hit the electric pole. she took a deep breath and asked her daughter to make a juice for us. we slowly but surely forgot about she had just scolded us. our teacher at school had taught us basic road rules which we had to adhere to. i thought those were enough for elders to put a faith in us. our teacher used to echo; when crossing the road, look left, look right and left again! we carefully excecuted those each and every day. i could not understand what was older peoples gripes were about then–till i heared the driver had died from collision wounds. a surge of fear chilled my back. i could not tell where my spine was by that young age. i knew how to draw a basic sketch of a human but, apart from lungs, stomach and heart, private parts, did not know much about a person’s body parts. we stopped seeing each other after school. i could enviously watch he and his new neighbour simulteneously riding a skateboard–on the edge of the main road. he told me it was okay to play on the edge but not accross the road.hmmm! we are now grown ups and i see him once in a blue moon. the truth is; i would never meet another good friend as him.


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