on the 20th of JUNE every year it is WORLD REFUGEE DAY.while my fellow countrymen continue to look down on their brothers from other parts of Africa and labelling them foreigners, because they are Afrophobic instead of being xenophobic like the media is hellbent on trying to make us believe, Western countries give out Green Cards and help foreigners to commit brain drain. the Lehmann Brothers created the world economic meltdown in 2008. 5 years down the line the markets are still at the mercy of governments–it is not surprising that the International Monetary Fund is seeking recourse and the state of South Africa lent them $2 billion over the weekend.refugees are the same as migrants as they become desperate in foreign lands–the result of fleeing from wars and famine at their countries of birth.lax control of our country’s porous borders lead us to poverty. it becomes hard for the state to provide for its citizens–who unfortunately vent their anger on foreigners and call them disgusting names like;rednecks,kwerekweres,pakis and so on.

migrants should be people who would help their newly acquired country with skills development. no flleing person gives a damn about a decorated piece of paper called certificate. in South Africa 600000 graduates idle day and night praying for a better day but their prayers seem most unlikely to be answered in due course. the youth hope the state would hand them a wage subsidy but because of recession, that seems remote. unemployment is a ticking timebomb or the elites try to create violence by spewing bile–only time will tell.i am unemployed and an adult but it pains watching all those poor souls walking around and sitting down in street corners doing absolutely nothing. countries who neglect the youth are doomed.

Israel’s mission to kick out 60000 migrant workers is on course and began Monday the 17th of JUNE 2012. REUTERS quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying:Today the government commences the mission of returning the illegal work infiltrators back  to their country of origin.their state has a premonition that the number can multiply ten times in three years time and become 600000. they have airlifted the South Sudanese migrant workers whose country was just too happy to have them and titled them Economic Assets since there is no more civil strike or talk of imminent war. why is my country not calling back all expatriates to help build our economy?


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