Gainer of the Week

Alert: New Pick Tomorrow Morning! HUGE Breakout Potential! With 1400% in the bag, you know who`s king!

Ticker: H_A I_R
Target Price: 1.45
Currently traded: $.0311
Company: Biostem
Trading Date: Wednesday, Jul 31st, 2013

Huge Volume Day. The market loves our latest green pick!


It Has A Reason For Its Massive Rallies

This Company Could Be A Sleeping Giant! The Smart Money is
Loading Up!

To buy: H_A IR
Target Price: $1.40
Date: Jul 31
Company: Biostem Corp.
At this time: 0.0311

This stock Is About To Explode! Our New Sub Penny Is Here!!!

It Has An Extremely Low Float!

This Company Is My Sub-Penny Alert. Get Ready For A Beautiful Ride! Are you ready for next week!!!

To buy: H A_I_R
Trade Date: July, 31st
Closed yesterday: .035
Company: Biostem US
Short Term Target Price: $.60

It is Undervalued & Hot! Do You Know What a Swing Trap Is?

Up, Up and Up

This Stock Estimates Exponential Revenue Growth. Big Breakout Ahead!

Symbol to buy: H AIR
6-Day Target: 0.90
It is now: 0.038
Trading Date: Tuesday, Jul 30, 2013
Name: Biostem US Corporation

Back On High Alert! Buyins reports major short! MUST READ.

Put it on your radar’s now!

This Company Released A Head Turning PR Last Night. This
Stock moving HUGE Today! Check it out!

Company: Biostem Corp
To buy: HA IR
Trade Date: Tuesday, Jul 30th, 2013
Closed Price: $.038
Short Term Target: .55

What an amazing day once again! Afternoon Breakout Alert Is In Full Effect.